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Your Electronic Devices Insurance offers:

  • extensive electronic devices protection
  • no excess
  • protection in case of droppage and accidents
  • protection against theft, burglary & robbery
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Simplesurance insurance
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Certified service and quality

In order for us to offer our customers excellent service with high quality, we have willingly let ourselves be tested from several independent quality and service testing services. The results speak for themselves!

Your electronics insurance covers:

  • Electricity
  • Cracked screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Software
  • Fire
  • Theft

Short-circuit damage

A surge voltage or a short circuit occurs, for example, when a lightning strike causes a short-term voltage increase in the power supply. simplesurance also covers this damage.

Droppage and breakages

Your device is damaged, because it gets dropped or hit by another object. The simplesurance device protection covers any technical defect caused by droppage for example.

Liquid damage

Your electronic device may get wet, for example by spilling a beverage on it. Consequently it is functioning only to a limited extent or not at all. With simplesurance's electronics cover you're on the safe side.

Operating errors

Whether due to a misunderstanding, clumsiness or ignorance, if your device gets damaged as a result of an operating error, simplesurance will take care of the settlement.

Fire damage

In the event that your electronic device is damaged or destroyed by fire, simplesurance will help you quickly. Fire or heat damages are most commonly caused by grills, forgotten candles or the fireplace.

Protection against theft, burglary and robbery

Thanks to the simplesurance protection for electronic devices, you can get coverage in case of loss of your device caused by theft, robbery or burglary.

Why would you need an electronics insurance?

Electrical appliances give us joy and help us in our daily life. Thanks to the DVD player we can watch movies we've missed in the cinemas comfortably at home on our couch. Printers, monitors and scanners facilitate writing important letters or digitalising our old childhood photos. It is all the more devastating when your electronic device falls down or a short-circuit makes you miss your deadline at work. For these reasons, the simplesurance electronics insurance has been designed and customised especially for your needs. Thanks to the electronics cover from simplesurance you can get protection against almost all damages imaginable, so you can lean back and relax.

What kind of damages are covered?

A comprehensive insurance (like a home contents insurance) does not cover all damages of electronic devices. An electronics insurance, however, covers you against any kind of damages and the high financial risks involved. The following damages and risks are covered by the simplesurance electronics insurance:

What are the benefits of the simplesurance electronics cover?

With simplesurance, you can insure your electrical devices online – quickly, cheaply and in an easy-to-understand manner. Without any long applications, annoying notice periods and excesses payable. You can choose the duration of your contractual term yourself and insure your device for either 1, 2 or 3 years. Your insurance cover automatically expires and you don't need to cancel it. simplesurance offers full protection for your electronic devices at low rates. With the simplesurance electronics cover you are protected worldwide, available already from £1 per month. So you're on the safe side.

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Your benefits of a simplesurance electronic devices insurance

Quick assistance

You can easily report a claim regarding damage or loss of your electronic device online around the clock. simplesurance ensures an immediate repair, replacement or compensation.

Complete protection

We’ve got you protected for damage, operating errors or loss due to theft: our coverage exceeds what is provided from warranty protection and manufacturer's guarantee – without excesses.

Transparent contract

simplesurance's electronic devices insurance offers a fixed contractual term and doesn't get automatically extended. You only pay once and can choose the duration of your contractual term yourself.

Easy application

You can get coverage for your electronic device at any time with just a few clicks. We simply need your name, address, email address and for example your device's serial number.

With simplesurance it's as easy as that

Forget everything you know about insurances. simplesurance makes it easy for you: no paperwork, quick applications, fixed terms and no cancellation periods. So you're optimally protected and you can focus on the essential things in life.

1. Select electronic devices insurance

Select your electronic device and the purchase price.

2. Enter data

Enter the serial or invoice number of your electronic device. Please also specify your name, address data and email address, so that we can email your Insurance Certificate to you.

3. Pay and done!

Finally please check your entered data and complete the process by clicking on "Finish purchase". Your electronic device is immediately covered!

Frequently asked questions about the electronic devices insurance from simplesurance

"How can I insure my electronic devices?"

Simply select the applicable price range and model of your device. Then specify your personal details and the product serial number. We will then email you the insurance certificate.

"How old can my device be to still be covered?"

As long as you have purchased your device within the past 6 months, you still have the possibility to get it covered with our electronic devices insurance.

“How long is the contract term for the simplesurance electronic device insurance?”

Your insurance expires automatically after 12 months. You do not have to terminate the contract and it will also not be extended automatically. However, before the contract expires, you can easily extend your device insurance for another 12 months online.

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