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Protect your household appliances and tools with the simplesurance extended warranty so that you can save a lot of unwanted expenses. Lean back and relax, knowing that you're optimally covered.

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Extended warranty for your favourite devices with simplesurance

Guarantee and legal warranty expire after 2 years

The purchase of electronic devices comes with the legal warranty and guarantee of 24 months. The legal warranty applies particularly in the first six months, in which the vendor has to prove that no defects have already existed at the time of purchase. This interpretation in favour of the consumer is being turned around after six months. Since the burden of proof is shifted, the consumer has to now prove that the defect has already existed at the time of purchase. The manufacturer's guarantee is a voluntary obligation assumed by the manufacturer and usually applies to the functionality of a device or parts thereof. Therefore it covers many damages to refrigerators, dishwashers, lawn mowers, automatic coffee makers and other household appliances. However, its scope is not regulated by law. Guarantee and legal warranty both have one thing in common though: They (usually) expire after 24 months.

An extended warranty by simplesurance is worth it

We have all experienced this: After the guarantee has expired, a dishwasher or another expensive electric device breaks down. You browse through the manual and accept regretfully that you can't find any solutions without a repair service. Now you have to dig deep into your pockets and pay for the repair or even a new appliance or device respectively. But who has the necessary finances to purchase electric devices and appliances every two years? In this case, having the manufacturer's guarantee extended makes very good sense. The simplesurance extended warranty offers all-round protection without any excess and it comes with damage coverage and on-site replacement or repair service. On top of that, you select your desired contractual term of the warranty extension. With simplesurance, you can extend your appliance's warranty either to 36, 48 or 60 months.

simplesurance Warranty Extension


Your advantages with a simplesurance extended warranty

With simplesurance you can extend the warranty for your household appliances and tools easily and cheaply. The following table gives a short overview what options you have with a simplesurance warranty extension.

Duration of your protection Standard manufacturer's guarantee simplesurance (UK)
Warranty extension*
up to 12 months
up to 24 months
up to 36 months
up to 48 months

*valid from the 12th month

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