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    Key information about insurances by simplesurance

    “How can I cancel / stop my insurance?”

    If you would like to revoke your insurance coverage within the statutory revocation period, send a simple notification of revocation via e-mail, post or fax to our customer service. The contact address for this can be found in the sent insurance documents.

    “When and how should I pay the deductible? (Mobile electronics)”

    In the event of a claim, the insurance for mobile electronics usually incurs a deductible. This is calculated depending on the selected price group (original price of the device). Exact information can be found in the general conditions of insurance for your policy.

    Once the examination of the device has been completed, you can pay the deductible online directly. You will receive an email with a link for easy online payment. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, direct debit, or bank transfer.

    Once the payment has been arranged, our repair partner will be informed directly and will immediately start repairing your device.

    “Can I have my device repaired in a local workshop (Mobile Electronics)?”

    Our extensive repair network is able to offer quick and high quality repair of all current models. Based on our framework agreements with these repair partners, we are able to offer you value for money insurance protection. In addition, the repair partners offer a guarantee on their repair. For these reasons is a repair on site via a self-chosen repair partner, according to our general insurance conditions, neither possible nor necessary.

    “What is the term of the protection plan for mobile electronics?”

    At the time of closure of insurance contract you have the possibility to choose an initial protection period of either 12 or 24 months.

    These do not extend automatically. We will contact you in time before the end of the term with an extension offer by email. If you do not want an extension, you do not need to do anything – your letter of protection will simply expire. If you are unsure which regulation applies to your letter of protection, please refer to the General Conditions of Insurance, which we have also sent to you with your insurance certificate.

    “Do I get a device on loan during the repair?”

    Due to our lean repair process, we are able to handle repairs within the shortest possible time. Therefore, we do not offer a loan service.

    “How long time do I have to make a claim?”

    Damages needs to be reported within 7 days from when you become aware of the damage. This serves to avoid possible futher or increased damage to the device.

    “Up to what device-age can I still insure my device?”

    You can protect your device up to 6 months after date of purchase. Please note, that if the insurance is purchased more than 7 days after the purchase date on the original purchase receipt of the device, a waiting period of 6 weeks is required. We will not offer any cover of damages that occur during this period.

    “Can I also insure a used device (MobileElectronics)?”

    Of course you can also insure a used device (mobile electronics). The prerequisite for this is that the device is free of damage and you can submit a copy of the initial purchase receipt and a receipt for the used purchase in the event of a claim, so that we can clearly trace the age of the device and the change of ownership. Please note that the initial purchase may not lie more than 6 months in the past at the time of conclusion of the insurance contract. Unfortunately, we cannot offer insurance coverage for exchanged, swapped or refurbished devices nor for showroom exhibit items.

    “I purchased my device very cheaply via a mobile phone contract. Which purchase price must I select for the insurance?”

    For subsidized devices, we use the manufacturer’s recommended retail price (RRP) at the time of purchase. You can ask your dealer for this. This ensures you that your device, in the event of a claim, is not underinsured.

    “I can not find my contract documents anymore. Can you send me these again?”

    We will gladly re-send you the insurance documents to you.

    For this we need in advance the email address you provided when you completed the insurance (where we sent your documents at the time) and / or the IMEI- or serial number of the device specified at close of contract.

    As often only these two data are requested when taking out the contract, they are required for the search in our administration.

    Please send your request with the aforementioned data to our customer service via email.”

    You can reach us Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.