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Certified service and quality

In order for us to offer our customers excellent service with high quality, we have willingly let ourselves be tested from several independent quality and service testing services. The results speak for themselves!

Your mobile phone insurance covers:

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Cracked screen

The display of your mobile phone breaks or due to a fall, a technical defect occurs.

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Liquid damage

Your mobile phone comes into contact with a liquid and only works limited or not at all.

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With the additional theft protection, your mobile phone is also protected against the risk of theft.

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Third party

You also enjoy full insurance cover if your mobile phone is damaged by sabotage or vandalism.

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Operating errors

Your mobile phone is damaged by an operator error, such as clumsiness or ignorance.

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Fire damage

Your mobile phone is damaged by fire or heat, including over-voltage and short-circuiting.

Is mobile phone insurance worth it?

  • As our daily companions, mobile phones are exposed to particular risks. The most common risks are display and liquid damage, as well as theft; Over the last 7 years almost 700 million has been spent on repairs. Mobile phone insurance protects against this high financial risk.
  • The most common mobile phone damage is not covered by many home content insurance policies. For example, if the mobile phone falls out of your hand in general only mobile phone insurance will cover the damage. Theft protection is usually only covered by home content insurance to a limited extent, for example, covering only burglary.
  • With simplesurance you can finalise your mobile phone insurance very fast and with no complications. We only need your personal information and the serial number of the device. You decide if you want to add protection against theft.

What our customers say

Your benefits of simplesurance phone insurance:

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Immediately insured

Your device is insured directly and without a waiting period if you finalise the insurance within 7 days starting from the purchase date.

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Easy application

You can insure your device anytime and with just a few clicks. We just need your personal information and the serial number of the device.

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Up to 6 months

Do not worry if you don’t insure your device right away. We offer you the possibility to do so for up to 6 months after the purchase date.

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Worldwide protection

Incidentally, the insurance is valid worldwide. So your device is also protected abroad, even when traveling or on holidays.

Has your device been damaged?
It is very easy:

  • 1

    In case of a claim, you can easily report what happened through the online form.

  • 2

    You will receive a shipping label for sending in your device to our authorized repair partner for free.

  • 3

    Your device will be assessed and repaired or replaced, if necessary, and shipped back to you.

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Frequently asked questions

“Is there any additional cost?”

In the unfortunate case of damage, a damage deductible is due. The amount of excess for mobile phone insurance changes according to the original purchase price of the protected device. For more information consult our insurance conditions.

“When will my phone be insured?”

If the mobile phone is insured within 7 days starting from the purchase date, the insurance coverage starts from the next day. If the insurance is finalised later, it will be submitted to a waiting period, in which there is no initial coverage.

“How do I report a claim?”

To report a claim on your mobile phone insurance, just go to our website and log in with your certificate number and PIN. You will receive these numbers right after you have finalised the mobile phone insurance and you will clearly find them on your insurance certificate.

“Which payment methods I can choose?”

We offer you plenty of possibilities to pay for your mobile insurance. Payments can be made by Visa, Mastercard or conveniently by direct debit.


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