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You can order on by going through the following steps:

1) Click on the button “order” to place an insurance contract into your shopping cart.

2) After selecting your insurance product, you will automatically get to our order summary page (step “1. Order information & method of payment“). Here, you can once more view your selected insurance contract. Also, you will find the necessary references to the respective General Policy Conditions and your right of withdrawal.

Moreover, you need to enter all information relevant to the conclusion of contract. Generally, these are your email address and a device, serial or order number.

3) If you want to take out the selected insurance, choose your preferred payment method. On your order summary page (step “1. Order information”), click on “pay now”. You will be forwarded either to the payment process (step “2. Payment details”) of our payment service provider PayPal or to our payment page for credit cards.

4) Here, (step “2. Payment details”) you will once again get an overview of the selected insurance contract and the total price. Please enter your payment details.

5) By clicking on the button “Place order now”, you’re sending us your order. By this, you’re requesting an insurance contract with us.

6) After successful payment you will get to our order confirmation page (step “3. Confirmation”). Here, you will be shown your Insurance Certificate Number and the total price. You can also download your Insurance Certificate. At the same time we will send an order confirmation email including your Insurance Certificate and product information as well as the General Policy Conditions and information regarding your right of withdrawal.

You will find further information about the payment methods here.

We will save your orders for the duration of the contract. If you lose your records regarding your orders, please contact us via email/fax/phone. We would be happy to send a copy of your order details to you.

Yet, we kindly ask you to save all documents and notices sent by us and keep a copy with due care.

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