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Frequently asked questions

Key information about insurances by simplesurance:

I have my primary residence abroad. Can I still take out simplesurance insurance?

Yes, of course. Simply go to our website in your respective country:

  • Denmark:

  • France:

  • Italy:

  • Netherlands:

  • Norway:

  • Austria:

  • Poland:

  • Sweden:

  • How can I contact simplesurance?

    We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can contact us by:

    email:             [email protected]
    Phone:          0800 / 3581084 (Mon - Fri,  09:00 am - 06:00 pm)
    Mail:               simplesurance GmbH
                              Am Karlsbad 16
                              D-10785 Berlin

    Where can I find the necessary PIN to report the claim?

    After you took out the policy, we sent you a confirmation of the order with the relevant documentation (Certificate of Cover, product information sheet, Conditions of Insurance). The Certificate we sent you contains your PIN for the damage claim.

    Which details/documentation do we require to examine the claim?

    If your telephone was damaged, we will require from you details of how it became damaged and of the defect. We will also require a copy of the purchase invoice. If the product has ben stolen, it is recommended that you lay charges with the police.

    How much detail of the cause of the damage do you require?

    To examine the claim immediately and to spare you any further questions, please describe the cause of the damage in as much detail as possible. Describe this in such a way that we can reproduce the cause ourselves from your description.

    Whom can I contact if I have questions?

    Should you have questions or if anything is not clear, our customer service will be pleased to help you anytime. You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm at the number 0800-3581084 or send us an email at: [email protected]

    What kind of devices can I get insured with simplesurance?

    The electronic devices insurance offers to protect your device against any damages caused by droppage, breakage or liquid damage as well as sabotage and vandalism. An additional option is to insure your device against theft.

    What risks does the insurance cover?

    The device insurance offers to protect your device against damages caused by for example droppage, breakage or liquid damage as well as overvoltage. An additional option is to insure your device against theft.

    Is my device covered on holidays (abroad) as well?

    Insurance cover applies worldwide and provides you with optimum protection even on holidays.

    What original price do I need to state if I have a subsidised phone?

    With simplesurance you can also get coverage for your subsidised smartphone within a mobile phone contract. You then need to state the device’s recommended retail price (RRP) as purchase price, which you can find out with the manufacturer or your mobile phone contract provider. Usually the exact original price is specified on the invoice.

    My device is not new. Can I still get it insured?

    Yes, you can get your device insured up to 6 months after purchase.

    Can I get coverage for multiple devices?

    Yes, of course you can get coverage with simplesurance for as many devices as you like. You will receive a separate certificate for each device. You also benefit from an exclusive discount starting from the second device onwards. If you want to insure multiple devices for your company, visit our website for corporate clients.

    Do I need to pay an excess in the event of damage?

    Yes, just like other insurance providers we charge an excess in the event of damage. With simplesurance however you benefit from a fixed and low excess of GBP30 up to GBP200 maximum, according to your device value.

    For how long can I get my device insured?

    Your electronics insurance expires automatically after the chosen term (1 or 2 years). This does not require an extra cancellation. Before your contract ends, we will contact you via email and offer to extend your contract for another 12 months. The maximum total term is 36 months.

    Can I get coverage for my phone even if I live abroad?

    Yes, of course. simplesurance also offers mobile phone insurances in France, in the Netherlands and in 6 other countries.

    My device has been damaged/stolen. What do I need to do?

    You can report damages easily and at all times directly on our homepage. After filling in the electronic report form, you will receive a pre-formulated repair order and dispatch note via email. You need to send the repair order together with your device to a repair company commissioned by us. Our partner will be notified separately about the device’s damage and will prepare the repair process. This enables us to have most repairs done in no time.

    Of course you can also report the theft of your device via our website.

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