More than just protection against phone theft …

In the UK, every two minutes a mobile phone is stolen. simplesurance offers more than just protection against theft. Accidental damages such as breaking the display or dropping the phone as well as damages caused by liquids and much more is automatically covered – worldwide.


Certified service and quality

In order for us to offer our customers excellent service with high quality, we have willingly let ourselves be tested from several independent quality and service testing services. The results speak for themselves!

Mobile phone theft insurance makes sense.

Get your mobile phone theft insurance with all-round smartphone insurance only by simplesurance.

Your advantages with a simplesurance phone protection including mobile phone theft insurance

Just one click allows you to integrate the simplesurance mobile phone theft protection into your phone insurance. simplesurance offers much more protection than the normal manufacturer’s guarantee and legal warranty. The following table gives a short overview of why it is worth having a simplesurance smartphone theft protection.

The following damages are covered Standard manufacturer's guarantee Simplesurance Mobile phone insurance
Theft protection
Breakage and droppage
Liquid damage
Operating errors
Third party damage
Short-circuit & overvoltage
Fire damage
Worldwide cover

simplesurance insurance for your phone – theft protection and more

simplesurance frees you from worries and fears when you’re on your way to work, university or travelling abroad. We want you to enjoy the moment and save money, that’s why we’ll assist you in case of mobile phone theft and many other damages to your smartphone. We’ll take care of a quick compensation or repair. We’ll make sure that you won’t go long without your smartphone.

  • Protection against theft

    New phones are especially attractive to thieves. If you take out the appropriate phone theft protection with simplesurance (additional option), your phone is also protected against the risk of theft.

  • Protection against third party damage

    Has your phone been wilfully destroyed by someone? Has your friend used your phone and damaged it by accident? In these events of damage you also enjoy full coverage thanks to the simplesurance mobile phone insurance.

  • Protection against fire

    Fire or heat damages are most commonly caused by grills, forgotten candles or the fireplace. If your insured smartphone has been damaged or destroyed by a fire, simplesurance will help you quickly.

  • Protection against damage caused by liquids

    Your mobile phone may get wet, for example by spilling a beverage on it or dropping it into a puddle. Consequently your phone is functioning only to a limited extent or not at all. Your mobile phone insurance by simplesurance optimally covers you against damages caused by liquids.

  • Protection against damage caused by droppage

    Your mobile phone is damaged, for example because it gets dropped or hit by another object. The simplesurance mobile phone insurance covers display breakages or any other technical defects caused by droppage.

  • Protection against short circuit

    A surge voltage or a short circuit occurs, for example, when a lightning strike causes a short-term voltage increase in the power supply – while your mobile phone is charging in the socket. simplesurance also covers this damage.

  • Protection against operating errors

    Whether due to a misunderstanding, clumsiness or ignorance, if your phone gets damaged as a result of an operating error, simplesurance will ensure a quick settlement.

  • Worldwide coverage

    Whether at home or on a summer holiday in the Caribbean, your phone is covered worldwide.

Protect your mobile phone against theft!

Get your mobile phone theft insurance with all-round smartphone insurance only by simplesurance.

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